Canada Contemplates Limiting Foreign Workers

Canada May Take Measures on Migrant Workers

Canada Contemplates: Canada is considering the imposition of limitations on the entry of temporary foreign workers into the country in 2024, according to a recent statement by Immigration Minister Marc Miller.

The Minister hinted at potential restrictions, pointing out that the current system has been operating extensively for an extended period. He specifically linked the surge in foreign students and temporary foreign workers to Canada’s ongoing housing crisis.

Canada Contemplates for workers

In a press briefing last week, Miller emphasized a significant increase in the influx of people entering Canada temporarily over the past few years. This comes on the heels of Statistics Canada’s revelation of a substantial population growth of over 430K in the third quarter of 2023.

Miller drew attention to the connection between the availability of housing and the rising number of temporary foreign residents. The majority of temporary residents come to Canada with the intention of working or studying.

In an effort to control the influx, Miller had previously announced changes to the foreign student program, including a requirement for applicants to demonstrate twice the amount of money to cover living expenses.

He also expressed concerns about certain provinces, like Ontario, and urged them to address colleges producing foreign graduates. Miller hinted at the possibility of revoking study permits if provinces do not take corrective action.

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