Australia Targets Student Visa Exploitation

Australia in Hunt for Visa Scamsters

Australia : In a significant step aimed at addressing issues within Australia’s international education sector, the federal government plans to prohibit education agents who receive compensation for enticing students away from their current educational institutions. These reforms are a direct response to a comprehensive review led by former Victoria police chief commissioner.

Clare O’Neil, Aus’s Minister for Home Affairs, has underscored the government’s dedication to reinstating trust in Australia’s international education system and ensuring the well-being of students.

She stated, “The era of misconduct is coming to an end, and the loopholes that have afflicted this system will be closed. This marks the first of several upcoming announcements aimed at reinstating credibility in international education and our migration system.”

Australia Visa Updates

To strengthen adherence to regulations, risk indicators will be incorporated into the international education system, with a specific emphasis on private institutions.

This entails a more rigorous evaluation of student attendance. Furthermore, revisions to the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 will reinforce the fit and proper provider assessment, raising the registration standards and curbing interrelated ownership between educational institutions and agents.

The prohibition on agent commissions for student transfers aims to eliminate incentives for agents to entice students already present in Australia. An earlier parliamentary inquiry this year uncovered concerning practices, likening the international student system to a “Ponzi scheme,” where overseas agents received rewards for promising students full-time employment opportunities.

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