Australia Rules Changes in International Student Enrolment

Australia Rules : Australia Makes Changes to Enrolment Rules for International Students

Australia Rules : Australia has implemented a policy change that prevents international students from simultaneously enrolling in two courses during the initial six months of their primary study program.

This adjustment aims to curb the practices of unscrupulous education providers who have exploited the concurrent enrolment system to encourage students to switch institutions.

Australia Rules Modifications

The government asserts that these fresh regulations will bolster the integrity of the international education sector and safeguard students from potential exploitation. It’s important to note that these new rules do not affect students who are already enrolled concurrently.

Nevertheless, students seeking to pursue a second course concurrently after completing the initial six months of their principal study program will be required to seek approval from their educational institution.

These updated regulations will also have consequences for students intending to switch to another course following their initial six months of study. If they are unable to identify a suitable concurrent course, they may experience delays in transferring.

The Australian government contends that these rule changes are essential to safeguard the credibility of the international education sector. They assert that certain students have exploited the concurrent enrolment system to shift to less expensive vocational courses once they have arrived in Australia.

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