Air India Halts Tel Aviv Flights

Air India Stops Tel Aviv Operations

In response to the escalating tensions in the Middle East, Air India has announced the temporary suspension of flights to and from Tel Aviv until April 30, 2024.

The decision, made in light of the evolving situation, underscores the airline’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing the safety and security of its passengers and crew.

A spokesperson for Air India emphasized the importance of monitoring the situation closely and extending support to affected passengers.

Air India Halts…

Passengers with confirmed bookings for travel to and from Tel Aviv during this period will receive a one-time waiver on rescheduling and cancellation charges, providing them with flexibility amidst the uncertainty.

Air India reassures its customers of its dedication to ensuring their well-being and encourages affected passengers to stay informed about further developments.

The airline’s customer service team stands ready to assist with any necessary travel arrangements, offering guidance and support as needed.

As the situation in the Middle East continues to unfold, Air India remains vigilant in its efforts to maintain the safety and security of its operations and passengers.

The decision to suspend flights to Tel Aviv underscores the airline’s proactive approach to mitigating risks and upholding its commitment to passenger safety above all else.

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