UK to replace Migration Documents with e-Visas

UK to Make Visas Digital by 2025

UK to replace: The United Kingdom has taken a significant step towards modernizing its border control and immigration systems with the initiation of e-Visas.

In a move set to replace physical immigration documents, millions of visa holders in the UK will transition to digital e-Visas by 2025.

UK to replace Migration..

The Home Office has commenced the process by emailing holders of biometric residence permits (BRPs), inviting them to create a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account to access their e-Visa. This phased approach will extend to all BRP holders by summer 2024.

According to the UK Home Office, e-Visas play a vital role in enhancing border security by reducing the risks associated with fraud, loss, and misuse of physical documents.

They provide a secure means of proving immigration status and pave the way for a contactless border, aligning with the government’s vision for a more automated immigration system.

e-Visas offer several advantages, including enhanced security features and accessibility. They are securely linked to the holder’s biometric information, minimizing the risk of identity fraud.

Additionally, they can be accessed in real-time from anywhere, enabling individuals to efficiently manage their data and update the Home Office promptly.

This transition mirrors international trends, as many countries opt for digital immigration documents over physical ones.

As a component of this transition, physical immigration papers will be slowly eliminated by 2025, further enhancing border and immigration procedures.

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