US Universities Validate TOEFL Scores

TOEFL Considered by US Universities

US Universities: Educational Testing Service (ETS) announces collaboration with Career Mosaic to validate TOEFL scores for US university applicants. This partnership aims to enhance credibility and streamline the enrolment process.

Starting this week, US universities can access validated TOEFL scores through Career Mosaic, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring smoother enrolment procedures. The move signifies a significant step towards improving the reliability of student profiles.

US Universities …

TOEFL, a benchmark test for non-native English speakers, plays a crucial role in university admissions. Sachin Jain, ETS India and South Asia’s country manager, emphasizes the collaboration’s role in bolstering universities’ trust in submitted scores.

Last year, ETS introduced enhancements to the TOEFL test, including shorter duration and instant score release dates, aiming to optimize user experience.

Validated scores will spare universities the hassle of verifying English proficiency, fostering a more efficient admissions process. The initiative reflects a shared commitment between ETS and Career Mosaic to provide reliable solutions for assessing English language proficiency.

The partnership not only benefits universities but also ensures a smoother journey for aspiring students, enhancing their chances of securing admission to prestigious US institutions. As TOEFL scores gain validation through trusted channels, it marks a significant advancement in facilitating global education opportunities.

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