UK University Launches Scholarship for Indian Students

UK Study Scholarship for Indians

UK University: The University of Sussex has recently unveiled the Sussex India Scholarship, a program designed exclusively for Indian students pursuing master’s degrees at Sussex starting in September 2024.

This scholarship, valued at £4K, aims to provide financial assistance to eligible Indian nationals. Additionally, it opens doors for exceptional candidates to also vie for the prestigious Chancellor’s International Scholarship, offering £5K.

UK University Launches

Further extending its support, the university has initiated the John Kinghorn Scholarship in Engineering (2024), granting £10K to each of four deserving recipients.

In a bid to bolster Indian student enrolment, the university is introducing £2K Tuition Fee Awards for eligible master’s programs within the School of Engineering and Informatics or the University of Sussex Business School.

These initiatives underscore the university’s commitment to attracting and nurturing talent from India, facilitating their academic and professional aspirations.

The Sussex India Scholarship is a testament to the university’s ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility to higher education for international students, particularly those from India.

Through this scholarship, the university seeks to empower Indian students on their educational journey at Sussex, fostering a supportive environment for their academic growth and success.

The institution’s statement emphasizes its unwavering dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion while providing opportunities for students to thrive in a global academic community.

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