Telangana High Court Condemn Police Action on NRI

Telangana High Court in Support of NRI

Telangana High Court: The Telangana High Court has rebuked law enforcement for implicating non-resident Indian (NRI) relatives in a dowry harassment case two years after the initial charges were filed.

Telangana High Court :

Justice E.V. Venugopal criticized the police for submitting additional charges independently, without court direction, and without substantial evidence against the accused in the original chargesheet.

The case revolves around a Karnataka native whose son married a Hyderabad resident. The NRI family visited India briefly before returning abroad.

Subsequently, the son was accused of dowry harassment by his wife, leading to the filing of charges by the SR Nagar police. Despite the magistrate’s acceptance of the initial chargesheet, the police submitted a supplementary chargesheet targeting the NRI family members.

Justice Venugopal, handling petitions from the NRI family, found the supplementary chargesheet lacking in new evidence, relying instead on vague allegations.

He referenced a Supreme Court ruling, emphasizing that a magistrate cannot acknowledge a supplementary chargesheet lacking fresh evidence.

This case highlights concerns regarding legal due process and the rights of accused individuals. The High Court’s intervention underscores the importance of upholding legal standards and preventing arbitrary accusations.

As the case unfolds, it prompts reflection on the need for meticulous investigation and adherence to judicial procedures to ensure fairness and justice for all parties involved.

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