Sri Lanka Weighs Visa-Free Extension for Indian Visitors

Sri Lanka Looking towards Extension of Visa Free Travel

Sri Lanka Weighs: Sri Lanka is contemplating extending its visa exemption for Indian tourists, potentially beyond March, aiming to maintain easy travel access to the island nation.

India holds a pivotal role as Sri Lanka’s primary tourism source, aiding the country’s recovery from recent adversities. Initiated last year, the pilot project, slated to conclude on March 31, 2024, allows Indian visitors to enjoy visa-free entry for the initial 30 days of their stay.

Sri Lanka Weighs Visa Free

Travelers are granted dual entry status upon arrival, with the visa validity restricted to a 30-day duration.

The objective is to position Sri Lanka as an easily accessible destination for Indian tourists, facilitating a hassle-free travel experience.

The decision to offer visa exemptions stems from efforts to boost tourist arrivals, especially among spontaneous travellers who may find visa applications cumbersome.

Simplifying travel processes is deemed crucial to attract more Indian visitors and encourage repeat visits, amid a plethora of travel options.

Concurrently, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, the Deputy Minister of Marketing at Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, discussed plans to reinstate visa-free entry, suspended for 169 countries due to the pandemic.

India is a priority in these plans, given its significance as Bali’s second-largest tourism source and the sixth-largest in terms of overall footfall to Indonesia.

The event’s deliberations reflect global endeavours to facilitate travel amid evolving circumstances, with a particular focus on enhancing accessibility for tourists from key markets such as India.

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