Silicon Valley Indians Drive Innovation Initiative

Indian Companies Leads Silicon Valley with Innovation

Silicon Valley: A group of Indian professionals in Silicon Valley has unveiled plans for a global network aimed at utilizing engineering to tackle worldwide issues and enhance quality of life.

Operating as a non-profit entity, Indian Professional Without Borders seeks to promote innovation, collaboration, and social impact among individuals of Indian origin, leveraging their shared heritage and dedication to excellence.

The network’s launch event featured distinguished guests, including Dr. K Srikar Reddy, Consul General of India in San Francisco, and Shailendra Joshi, former chief secretary and advisor to the Telangana Government, who delivered keynote speeches.

Silicon Valley Indians..

Co-founder Shachindra Nath emphasized the network’s mission to unite Indian engineers and likeminded individuals worldwide, with a focus on utilizing engineering to address global challenges and drive impactful innovation.

With over 1K members and chapters spanning four continents, the launch signifies the beginning of a significant journey towards engineering excellence and global collaboration.

During the event, Indian Professional Without Borders announced the 101 Days of AI Learning Festival, designed to provide insights into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, catering to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the tech field.

Aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of leveraging AI to revolutionize different sectors from agriculture to education. This initiative reflects India’s commitment to technological advancement and defines how AI will be used in the coming years.

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