Racial Strain Affects Germany’s Workforce

Germany Labour Impacted by Racism

Racial Strain: Joerg Engelmann, manager of a chemical engineering company in Chemnitz, Germany, has gone to great lengths to recruit skilled foreign workers. However, upon arrival, many have encountered racial slurs and exclusion, prompting some to leave.

Engelmann’s company, CAC Engineering GmbH, is among five medium-sized German firms reporting staff departures due to xenophobia amid the country’s skilled labour shortage.

Racial Strain Affects

Large companies in Germany and the Netherlands share similar concerns about hiring difficulties stemming from anti-immigrant sentiment.

CAC Engineering GmbH has seen approximately five of its 40 foreign employees leave in the past year due to discrimination. Despite the company’s efforts, xenophobic hate crimes in Germany have surged, exacerbating the challenges of attracting and retaining talent.

Official projections indicate Germany could face a shortage of seven million skilled workers by 2035, with eastern Germany bearing a harsher climate due to historical factors like plant closures and population decline post-communism.

Chemnitz, situated in Saxony near the Czech border, endeavours to attract skilled workers. Engelmann’s firm offers support such as temporary housing and language lessons. However, since 2018, the city has grappled with anti-immigrant sentiments following riots sparked by anti-migrant protests.

Despite efforts to foster integration, racial tensions persist, hindering Chemnitz’s ability to address its skilled labour shortage and remain competitive in the global market.

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