Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested at US University

Protesters Arrested at University of Virginia

Twenty-five individuals were detained on Saturday for trespassing at the University of Virginia following a clash between police and pro-Palestinian demonstrators who refused to dismantle tents on campus.

Simultaneously, at the University of Michigan’s commencement ceremonies, protesters vocalized anti-war sentiments and brandished flags.


At UVA, the protest began peacefully on Tuesday on a lawn near the school chapel. However, by Saturday, tensions had escalated, with police in riot gear forming a barrier on the Charlottesville campus.

Chanting “Free Palestine,” the demonstrators faced a declaration of an “unlawful assembly” by university police on the social media platform X.

Protesters have established tent encampments on campuses across the United States, demanding that universities cease their dealings with Israel or with companies perceived to support the Gaza conflict.

This movement among students is unparalleled in the 21st century. In response, some universities have negotiated agreements with the demonstrators to resolve the protests, aiming to mitigate potential disruptions during final exams and commencement ceremonies.

Video footage from WVAW-TV captured the scene as police advanced, with reports of physical force and the use of chemical irritants against students.

Laura Goldblatt, an assistant professor aiding the demonstrators, described students being pushed to the ground and subjected to chemical spray.

This incident adds to a string of tense altercations across American colleges and universities in recent weeks.

These demonstrations, numbering in the dozens, have resulted in hundreds of arrests, all stemming from protests against the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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