Pro-Khalistan: Influences Manipulating Sikh Youth In Canada

Pro-Khalistan Influence: Exploiting Sikh Youth in Canada

Pro-Khalistan : In a shocking revelation, sources have unveiled a concerning situation within Canada involving the enticement and manipulation of Sikh youth by individuals or groups supportive of Pro-Khalistan. These forces are not only offering sponsorship for visas but are also orchestrating a hidden agenda aimed at advancing Khalistan-related goals within Canadian territory.

The figures at the centre of this controversy include Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, whose killing sparked tensions between India and Canada. Nijjar, along with others such as Moninder Singh Bual, Parminder Pangli, and Bhagat Singh Brar, is allegedly using the allure of a better life in North America to recruit Sikh youth and leverage them for their pro-Khalistan agenda on Canadian soil.

Exploiting a Deficiency of Manpower

Sources reveal that pro-Khalistan extremists in Canada have recognized a “demand and supply matrix” within their movement. To address a deficiency of manpower, they have devised an innovative scheme offering sponsorship to vulnerable Sikh youth from Punjab.

These youth are granted medium-skilled positions such as plumbers or truck drivers, or they engage in religious roles like ‘Sewadars,’ ‘Pathis,’ and ‘Ragis’ in gurdwaras under the extremists’ control.

The sponsorship of visas and trips to Canada comes with a sinister price – the manipulated youth are coerced into participating in anti-India protests, radical religious congregations, and other pro-Khalistan activities.

Targeting Vulnerable Indian Youth

To further their agenda, these extremists identify and locate struggling Indian youth and students in Canada who require financial support, jobs, and housing. This “indebted” segment of the population is then co-opted into what has been termed “the Khalistan brigade in Canada.”

A Nexus with Gangsters and Asylum Seekers

The situation takes a darker turn as it is revealed that individuals like Nijjar, Bual, and Brar have formed an “unholy nexus” with gangsters in Punjab. These wanted gangsters are brought to Canada, potentially for sinister purposes like organizing terror attacks in Punjab.

Additionally, it has been alleged that some pro-Khalistan political parties in India charge significant sums to provide ‘letters’ to youth. These letters are then used to seek political asylum in Canada, often on false claims of persecution in India on religious grounds. These individuals inevitably become part of pro-Khalistan groups upon arriving in Canada.

Human Trafficking by Pro-Khalistan Under Canadian Authorities’ Noses

Shockingly, this “human trafficking” channel run by pro-Khalistan extremists appears to operate largely unchecked, even in a country like Canada that ostensibly opposes human trafficking. Canadian agencies, it seems, have not been able to disrupt these operations effectively.

The diplomatic dispute between New Delhi and Ottawa was triggered when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made accusations of potential Indian involvement in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India swiftly denied these claims, leading to a diplomatic spat with reciprocal expulsions of diplomats from both nations.

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