Prahlad Singh: The 25-Year Odyssey in Healthcare Leadership

Prahlad Singh: A Pioneer in Healthcare Transformation

Prahlad Singh : In the ever-evolving landscape of global healthcare, leaders emerge whose dedication transcends corporate success to touch the lives of millions. Prahlad Singh, PhD, stands at the forefront of this transformative wave, serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Revvity, a beacon of innovation committed to advancing science and improving lives worldwide.

Prahlad Singh’s Journey: A Prelude to Leadership Excellence

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Prahlad Singh‘s leadership voyage is nothing short of extraordinary. Before assuming his current role, he navigated the helm of PerkinElmer, leading the company through unprecedented transformations. His tenure witnessed the company’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, portfolio evolution, and the creation of Revvity through strategic divestitures.

A native of India, Prahlad’s journey from the University of Bombay, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, to the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he achieved a PhD in chemistry, showcases a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

His academic prowess is complemented by an MBA from Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business, solidifying his multidimensional approach to leadership.

The Torchbearer of Innovation: Prahlad at PerkinElmer

Prahlad’s impact at PerkinElmer was groundbreaking. Appointed as President and CEO in 2019, he orchestrated a strategic transformation, steering the company through challenges and emerging as a beacon of resilience. Prahlad’s visionary leadership played a pivotal role in the divestiture of business units, ultimately giving rise to Revvity, a testament to his strategic acumen.

The torch of leadership passed to Prahlad was no ordinary flame; it was ignited by Robert F. Friel, who served as Chairman and CEO for over 20 years.

Prahlad’s appointment as CEO, effective December 30, 2019, marked a new era, with him also stepping into the shoes of a director at PerkinElmer. A transition meticulously orchestrated, attesting to the board’s confidence in Prahlad’s ability to steer the company towards new horizons.

Empowering Healthcare: Prahlad’s Vision Unveiled

Assuming the role of President and Chief Operating Officer at PerkinElmer in 2019, Prahlad Singh’s responsibilities expanded to include oversight of both Discovery and Analytical Solutions (DAS) and Diagnostics divisions. This strategic alignment is aimed at fostering synergies, identifying growth opportunities, and accelerating innovation across the company.

Under Prahlad’s guidance, PerkinElmer embarked on a journey marked by continuous innovation and exceptional customer service. His leadership philosophy revolves around a commitment to excellence, a sentiment echoed in his words, “I am inspired by the opportunities the company has to build upon Rob’s legacy by continuously innovating and exceptionally serving our customers.”

Prahlad’s Insights on Indian Healthcare

Prahlad Singh’s commitment to global health extends to his insights on India’s healthcare landscape. As a thought leader, he welcomed the National Health Policy 2017, recognizing its potential to drive positive change.

Prahlad emphasized the need for a balanced approach, aligning procurement policies with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, stressing the importance of quality over cost in critical areas like maternal and newborn health.

Nurturing Innovation: PerkinElmer’s Role in India’s Healthcare Future

Prahlad Singh envisions PerkinElmer as a catalyst in India’s healthcare transformation. With the ‘Make in India’ initiative gaining momentum, he underscores the importance of superior technology and quality.

PerkinElmer’s investments exceeding $100 million in local manufacturing exemplify its commitment. Prahlad advocates for partnerships with start-ups and innovators, recognizing the need for support beyond financial backing—engaging in understanding market readiness and facilitating scaling up/commercialization stages.

Skilled Workforce and Healthcare: A Symbiotic Imperative

Prahlad Singh acknowledges the vital role a skilled workforce plays in achieving universal health coverage in India. While recognizing the quantitative growth in medical and para-medical education, he emphasizes the need for qualitative skill development.

Prahlad advocates for private sector involvement in meeting public health goals through collaborative partnerships, addressing the persistent barrier of workforce availability.

The Regulatory Landscape: Prahlad’s Perspective

As the President of PerkinElmer’s diagnostics business, Prahlad Singh appreciates the impact of the new Medical Devices Rules introduced in 2017. Recognizing the far-reaching implications, he foresees a boost to the industry, increased visibility and sales of Indian medical devices, and heightened foreign direct investment.

Prahlad acknowledges the time required for businesses to align with these rules, emphasizing the industry’s readiness for transformative change.

PerkinElmer’s Commitment to India: A Future-Focused Vision

India holds a strategic position in PerkinElmer’s global investments. Prahlad Singh proudly highlights the company’s $100 million investment in local manufacturing, with three sites across Goa and Uttarakhand.

The establishment of a service lab in Chennai underscores PerkinElmer’s commitment to providing hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies. Prahlad envisions further expansion, aligning with the National Skill Mission, and setting up Centres of Excellence to foster science and innovation in healthcare.

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