NRIs Urged to Collaborate in Punjab’s Economic Revamp

Punjab CM asks NRIs to Contribute in Punjab

NRIs Urged: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann appealed to the Punjabi diaspora for whole-hearted cooperation and support to elevate the state’s economy, aspiring to make Punjab a global frontrunner.

Speaking at the ‘NRI Milni’ event, Mann acknowledged past challenges faced by NRIs but highlighted a positive shift since he took office, emphasizing initiatives for NRI welfare.

NRIs Urged to…

Mann assured that the ongoing efforts were just the beginning, with more groundbreaking initiatives planned to restore the pride of NRIs. He expressed the government’s commitment to the state’s progress and the prosperity of its people.

Mann revealed meetings with ambassadors and diplomats to attract foreign investment, aiming to boost state development for the benefit of its residents.

The Chief Minister envisioned Punjab emerging as a hub for the tourism industry, believing that current efforts would yield significant results.

In an emotional appeal, Mann urged NRIs to contribute to the promotion of education, healthcare services, and the strengthening of economic and social ties.

Underlining a commitment to transforming Punjab’s economic landscape, Mann sought collaboration from the Punjabi diaspora to achieve this vision.

He emphasized the government’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for NRIs and fostering a positive trajectory for Punjab’s overall development.

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