NRIs Flock to Ayodhya

NRIs Travelling to Ayodha to see Ram Mandir

NRIs Flock: With the inauguration of the Ram temple drawing throngs of devotees, Ayodhya has surged in popularity as a real estate destination, captivating both Indians and non-resident Indians (NRIs).

Notably, delegations from Mexico, South Korea, and Sri Lanka have explored land acquisition options in Ayodhya. The city’s transformation, driven by infrastructure upgrades for the Ram temple and the state government’s commitment to making it a global destination, has sparked interest.

NRIs Flock Viral

Officials have disclosed that NRIs are personally exploring property options, and no official communications from any country seeking land have been received thus far.

Ayodhya Development Authority Secretary Satyendra Singh revealed that three individuals from Thailand sought a 5-acre land parcel, and their request has been forwarded to the housing and development board.

Acquiring substantial land within city limits is challenging, directing those interested in larger parcels to Navya Ayodhya, a 1407-acre greenfield township developed by Awas Vikas Parishad.

Officials from Awas Vikas Parishad emphasized recording land requests and advised waiting for relevant schemes to be floated.

Requests from Sri Lanka and Thailand were recently received, while individuals seeking limited land are being assisted by the development authority. NRIs predominantly express interest in government schemes.

Both authorities clarified that formal requests from any country must go through the Union government, urging those representing countries to provide authorization letters through embassies.

Instances of individuals posing as advisors or ambassadors prompted officials to emphasize adherence to proper procedures, requiring formal requests for land acquisition.

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