NRI Involved in Wildlife Trafficking Held

NRI Arrested at Delhi Airport

NRI Involved: An NRI traveller heading to the United States found himself embroiled in legal trouble at Delhi Airport after allegedly attempting to smuggle a wildlife trophy.

Paljit Singh Paul Lalvani, a New York resident, was apprehended on March 24 with a suspicious wildlife trophy believed to be from an antelope or carved species.

NRI Involved Issue

Initially, Lalvani was booked under the Customs Act, 1962. However, following directives from the Duty Magistrate at Patiala House Court, the case was transferred to the Wildlife Department, prompting the registration of an FIR under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

Rajesh Tandon, Deputy Range Officer of West Forest Division, Delhi, filed a complaint urging authorities to take action against Lalvani. The complaint highlighted the seriousness of the violation and emphasized the need to enforce wildlife conservation laws.

During baggage scanning, airport security noticed a suspicious item in Lalvani’s suitcase, leading to the discovery of the wildlife trophy. The recovered article, presumed to be from a protected species, prompted legal action.

Although Lalvani was granted bail under the Customs Act, the Duty Magistrate directed customs officials to hand over the seized item to the Wildlife Department for further action.

Tandon stressed the importance of holding perpetrators accountable to deter future violations and safeguard wildlife. The incident underscores the ongoing challenges in combating wildlife trafficking and the necessity for stringent law enforcement measures.

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