Lakshmi Singh: A Voice of Inspiration and Diversity in Journalism

Lakshmi Singh: The Resilient Voice Redefining Journalism

In the fast-paced world of journalism, where voices often blend into the background, Lakshmi Singh stands out as a beacon of inspiration and change. As the anchor of Midday for NPR Newscasts, one of the top three most downloaded podcasts in the United States, Singh’s impact on the media landscape is undeniable.

Early Life of Lakshmi Singh: Finding Her Voice

Lakshmi Singh’s journey to becoming a trusted voice on the airwaves wasn’t without its challenges. In her early years, she grappled with shyness and stuttering—obstacles that seemed insurmountable.

However, high school became the crucible where Singh’s determination and resilience began to shine. Engaging in activities like forensics, debate, and drama, she discovered her voice with the encouragement of teachers who recognized her potential.

Educational Triumphs: A Foundation for Excellence

Graduating from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and Syracuse University in 1994 with dual degrees in broadcasting & digital journalism and Latin American studies, Singh laid the foundation for a remarkable career. Her educational journey not only equipped her with the skills needed for the field but also fueled her interest in public speaking and journalism.

Career Odyssey: From Local Stations to NPR Stardom

Singh’s career trajectory is a testament to her dedication to storytelling. Before joining NPR, she honed her skills at WAER in Syracuse, KPBX in Spokane, WMFE in Orlando, and WAMU in Washington DC.

Her contributions covered a spectrum of topics, including race, health, immigration policy, and the arts. Singh’s work extended beyond the studio, with field reporting and documentary production for Soundprint Media, where she covered stories of women grappling with HIV/AIDS.

Personal Touch: Embracing Heritage

Rooted in a rich cultural tapestry, Lakshmi Singh’s background reflects her Indo-Trinidadian and Puerto Rican heritage. Pronouncing her name as “LAK-shmee,” in line with her paternal grandmother’s tradition, she brings a personal touch to her professional endeavors.

Awards and Recognition: A Trailblazer in Journalism

Lakshmi Singh’s excellence has not gone unnoticed. Inducted into the WAER Hall of Fame, she received accolades from Women of Color in Communications for her significant contributions to the field. Her 2018 radio report, “The Invention of Thanksgiving,” showcased in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, solidified her position as a trailblazer in journalism.

Championing Diversity: Beyond the Headlines

Beyond her on-air presence, Lakshmi Singh has invested decades advocating for stronger representation of people of color and women in newsrooms. Recognized by organizations like the Asian American/Asian Research Institute and the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, her efforts extend to training and mentoring new generations of journalists.

Impactful Legacy: A Trusted Voice

In her three-decade-long career, Lakshmi Singh has become a trusted voice for millions of NPR listeners. Anchoring Midday for NPR Newscasts, one of the most downloaded podcasts in the U.S., she continues to shape narratives on race, immigration, health, and the arts.

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