Deepa Fernandes: NPR’s Voice of Diversity and Change

Deepa Fernandes' Unparalleled Path in Media and Social Change

In the dynamic world of journalism, where voices often echo similarities, Deepa Fernandes emerges as a beacon of uniqueness and inclusivity. From her early days in Sydney to becoming one of NPR’s hosts on Here and Now, Fernandes’s journey is a testament to resilience, passion, and a commitment to bringing untold stories to the forefront.

Deepa Fernandes: A Journey Rooted in Diversity

Born in Mumbai, India, Deepa Fernandes’ journey is an immigrant’s odyssey, mirroring the pursuit of a better life that led her parents to Australia. Growing up in the culturally rich and diverse landscape of Australia, Fernandes developed a keen interest in communication, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of Technology Sydney.

Fernandes took her first steps in the realm of journalism at 2SER, a college radio station in Sydney. From a news reader, she swiftly transitioned into producing a news magazine show that delved into the intricacies of Asia and the Pacific region.

Armed with a microphone and a passion for storytelling, she began to craft her own narrative, an odyssey that would traverse continents and shape her identity as a global citizen.

Latin American Sojourn: Amplifying Indigenous Voices

In her early twenties, Fernandes embarked on a transformative journey across Latin America. Her journalistic endeavors took her to Quito, Ecuador, where she played a pivotal role as the sound producer for a groundbreaking radio documentary series on indigenous communities. From there, she ventured to Cuba, adding the role of a features producer at Radio Havana Cuba to her repertoire.

However, Deepa Fernandes’s exploration didn’t stop there. She undertook extensive reporting stints in the heart of Chiapas and Oaxaca, providing a platform for the voices often marginalized and overlooked in mainstream media. Her commitment to amplifying diverse narratives was already evident, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

New York Calling: From WBAI to Advocacy

The bustling metropolis of New York City beckoned, becoming the next chapter in Fernandes’s illustrious career. She joined the flagship Pacifica Radio program, Democracy Now!, where she co-produced Our Americas, a weekly program spotlighting issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean.

As she delved deeper into the world of journalism, Fernandes recognized a glaring void – a lack of representation for reporters of color, low-income reporters, and those outside the mainstream.

Driven by her commitment to address this gap, Deepa Fernandes founded a youth media training program in New York City’s public schools. What began as a local initiative burgeoned into People’s Production House, a national media training organization dedicated to diversifying journalism.

The organization’s staff comprised individuals from various marginalized backgrounds, including recent refugees, people with disabilities, youth of color, and military veterans turned street vendors.

Simultaneously, Deepa Fernandes navigated the challenges of hosting a three-hour morning show on WBAI, earning a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, and co-anchoring Free Speech Radio News, Pacifica’s national daily news program.

Bridging Continents: From Stanford to Southern California

Deepa Fernandes’s dedication to transforming journalism into a more inclusive space garnered recognition, leading her to a prestigious JSK fellowship at Stanford University in 2012.

A move to California ensued, where Deepa Fernandes joined Southern California Public Radio, KPCC. In her role, she pioneered a new beat, covering early childhood development, shedding light on critical issues that often escape mainstream attention.

Her commitment to fostering inclusivity in journalism persisted in Los Angeles, where Deepa Fernandes joined the board of the LA Press Club. Deepa played a pivotal role in founding the Foot In The Door fellowship program, an initiative empowering new reporters from historically excluded communities to break into the field of journalism.

Bay Area Homecoming: Advocating for Equity

In 2021, Deepa Fernandes and her family returned to the Bay Area, marking a homecoming of sorts. She embraced a new role as the immigration correspondent and senior newsroom advisor on Race and Equity at the San Francisco Chronicle. Here, Fernandes brought a distinct lens to covering immigration, placing the stories of those most affected at the forefront.

Amidst the backdrop of her career achievements, Fernandes continues to balance her roles as an award-winning journalist and a devoted mother. Her family, now residing in her husband Matt’s childhood home, provides the backdrop for her broadcasts on NPR and WBUR’s Here and Now.

The pantry closet turned recording booth witnesses the seamless integration of her personal and professional worlds, epitomizing the adaptability and resilience that define Fernandes’s journey.

Beyond Borders: Global Perspectives, Local Impact

Deepa Fernandes’s journey is more than a chronicle of career milestones; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling, advocacy, and breaking barriers. Her ability to seamlessly weave narratives from different corners of the world reflects not just a journalist but a global citizen who quietly observes, learns, and imparts wisdom through her work.

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