Japan Updates Worker Visa Scheme

Japan Expands Visa Scheme for Workers

Japan Updates: In a bid to alleviate Japan’s shortage of drivers and address labour demands in key sectors, the Japanese government has announced a significant expansion of its foreign skilled worker visa program.

This initiative, reported by Kyodo News, extends stays for eligible individuals up to five years, marking the program’s first expansion since its launch in 2019.

Japan Updates New…

The expansion encompasses four new industries: road and railway transportation, forestry, and timber sectors. This strategic move comes amidst concerns over Japan‘s declining birthrate and impending shortages in transportation and logistics, exacerbated by forthcoming regulations limiting driver overtime, known as the 2024 problem.

To meet demand, the government plans to admit up to 820K skilled workers over the next five fiscal years, more than doubling previous estimates. Amendments to relevant regulations, including those of the Justice Ministry, will facilitate the acceptance of skilled workers in newly added sectors.

Skilled foreigners, certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, are eligible for roles such as bus, taxi, and truck drivers, with proficiency in Japanese at the N3 level required for passenger communication.

Under the program, No. 1 visa holders must demonstrate professional skills and Japanese proficiency, while No. 2 visas offer indefinite renewals, potentially leading to permanent residency and family sponsorship.

This expansion underscores Japan’s commitment to addressing labour shortages and bolstering its workforce through targeted immigration policies.

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