Indonesia’s Dual Citizenship for Skilled Workers

Indonesia New Dual Citizenship Proposal

Indonesia’s Dual : Indonesia is considering offering dual citizenship to people of Indonesian descent in an effort to attract skilled workers back to the country, a senior cabinet minister revealed.

Under current law, Indonesian adults cannot hold dual citizenship, and children with two passports must choose one nationality upon turning 18. The proposed policy shift aims to maintain strong ties with the diaspora community and encourage skilled professionals to return.

Indonesia’s Dual….

The investment strategy, announced by senior cabinet minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, includes plans to extend dual citizenship to former Indonesian citizens living abroad.

While the details of this initiative remain under development, Luhut’s remarks suggest a significant policy change. He stated, We also invite diaspora Indonesia and we give them also, soon, dual citizen, highlighting the government’s intent to foster a stronger connection with its overseas nationals.

This announcement coincided with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s commitment to invest $1.7B in Indonesia, signalling potential synergies between multinational companies and Indonesia’s skilled workforce.

The introduction of dual citizenship could serve as an additional incentive for global businesses to deepen their ties with Indonesian talent.

The move towards dual citizenship represents a shift towards a more inclusive citizenship policy, aiming to harness the expertise and experience of the Indonesian diaspora to fuel economic growth and innovation.

By allowing dual citizenship, Indonesia seeks to enhance its global connections and leverage its human capital for national development.

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