Indians Detained in Sri Lanka for Illegal Work

Indians Held in Sri Lanka for Unauthorized Work

Indians Detained: Sri Lankan authorities have apprehended 21 Indian nationals for operating a computer-based business illegally on tourist visas, breaching relaxed visa regulations, as per officials on Wednesday.

The individuals, aged between 24 and 25, were detained by the Department of Immigration and Emigration. Following a preliminary investigation, authorities raided a rented property in Negombo, a popular resort town on the western coast, where the individuals were found engaged in undisclosed computer-operated activities.

Indians Detained in…

They were served with removal notices and transferred to the Welisara detention centre pending deportation after the conclusion of investigations.

The detainees took advantage of Sri Lanka‘s visa waiver for certain countries until March 31, aimed at bolstering tourism in the financially struggling nation. They had entered Sri Lanka in February and March on tourist visas.

There have been complaints regarding tourists from Russia and Ukraine engaging in business activities while on tourist visas, according to immigration authorities.

India typically constitutes Sri Lanka’s primary source of inbound tourism. In February, India ranked second in tourist arrivals with over 30K visitors, trailing only behind arrivals from Russia.

Sri Lanka currently offers visa-free entry for tourists from India, China, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. The incident underscores concerns about misuse of visa privileges and highlights efforts to regulate tourism-related activities in the country.

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