Indian Workers Stranded in Russia Conflict

Indian Workers Caught in Russia Ukraine War

Indian Workers: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not only revealed global divisions but also exposed the vulnerabilities of economic migrants, especially those from South Asia.

A distressing pattern emerges as Indian nationals find themselves unwittingly embroiled in the Russian military’s operations, shedding light on the exploitation inherent in international labour movements driven by geopolitical interests.

Indian Workers..

Russia’s recruitment strategies, enticing Indian workers with the promise of lucrative employment, have led to a significant ethical breach. This is also a violation of many International labor Laws and should not be ignored.

Initially hired as army helpers for non-combat roles, these migrants, unfamiliar with the Russian language, were coerced into active military service after signing contracts they couldn’t understand.

This manipulation not only disregards ethical recruitment standards but also exploits human resources from a nation considered a strategic ally by Russia.

Heart-wrenching reports and videos depict the desperation of these conscripts, trapped and pleading for repatriation.

Sadly, a minimum of two Indian citizens have perished, victims of a conflict they never expected nor voluntarily engaged in.

These deaths underscore the grave consequences of their involuntary involvement, transcending mere policy failures to matters of life and death, casting a stark light on the intersecting realms of geopolitics and human rights.

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