Indian Student Found Dead in Ohio

Indian Student Death in US

Indian Student: Mohammed Saleem, father of Indian engineering student Mohammed Abdul Arfath, expressed his family’s devastation upon discovering their son’s tragic demise in Ohio.

Initially hopeful for Arfath’s safe return, their optimism turned to grief upon receiving news of his untimely death.

Adding to their distress, Saleem voiced concerns over repaying the ₹43 lakh education loan obtained to support Arfath’s pursuit of higher education in the US.

Indian Student…

Arfath’s dream was to settle in the US, and the family rejoiced when the loan was sanctioned, enabling his admission to Cleveland University for a Master’s in Information Technology.

Recalling Arfath’s departure in May 2023, Saleem reminisced providing him with ₹10 lakh in foreign currency, ensuring financial stability throughout his studies.

Describing Arfath as a person of integrity, Saleem expressed shock upon learning of his son’s kidnapping and the subsequent ransom demand from a drug-related gang.

Saleem lamented the lack of clarity regarding Arfath’s troubles in the US, noting that their information was limited to news reports.

The family’s anguish deepened when, on March 17, an unidentified caller demanded $1.2K ransom for Arfath’s release, threatening to sell his organs if not paid promptly.

Tragically, the central government confirmed Arfath’s demise, his body retrieved from Lake Erie near Cleveland.

Hailing from Nacharam, Hyderabad, Arfath’s last contact with his father was on March 7, after which his phone remained inactive.

Concerned roommates subsequently filed a missing person report with Cleveland Police, initiating a harrowing ordeal for the family amidst their quest for answers and justice.

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