Indian-Origin Man Arrested in Canada

Indian Held in canada for Ticket Scam

Indian-Origin: Canadian authorities have apprehended and charged two individuals, one of Indian descent, linked to a scheme peddling counterfeit concert and sports event tickets throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), resulting in losses surpassing $100K for victims.

The probe commenced in February after numerous fraud complaints emerged. Jaspal Thiara, a 37-year-old Toronto resident, and Jordan Cordeiro, a 29-year-old Mississauga resident, face allegations of duping multiple individuals via personal connections and social media.

Indian-Origin Man…

Victims handed money to Thiara and Cordeiro for tickets, receiving fake emails and receipts resembling authentic ones in return.

Thiara was apprehended on Wednesday (March 27) and charged with defrauding the public, subsequently detained for a bail hearing at the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton.

Cordeiro was taken into custody on March 19, and charged with fraud under $5K. He will be appearing at the Ontario Court in Brampton on April 22.

Investigators suspect additional individuals might have been ensnared by this deceitful operation.

Canadian law enforcement shared precautionary measures to thwart falling prey to ticket fraud, including patronizing reputable sources, validating ticket authenticity through official channels, and exercising caution with seemingly too-good-to-be-true offers.

A spokesperson from Peel Police advised the public to purchase tickets from authorized sellers or reputable resale platforms. They emphasized the importance of verifying ticket details through official channels or contacting the event organizer directly.

Additionally, individuals were cautioned to ensure they are using the correct payment platform and to be wary of pop-up advertisements.

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