Indian Embassy Meets COVID-Hit Students in China

Indian Embassy in China Holds Meet With Students

The Indian Embassy in China convened its inaugural interactive session with Indian students who bore the brunt of the three-year COVID-19 era marked by China’s visa prohibitions, leading to prolonged academic setbacks.

Over 80 students, both existing and new, representing more than 13 Chinese universities, participated in the welcoming and interactive event.

Indian Embassy Comment

Indian Ambassador to China, Pradeep Kumar Rawat, along with Counsellor Nitinjeet Singh, engaged with students, lending an ear to their grievances and recounting their experiences during Saturday’s gathering.

Amit Sharma, Second Secretary Education, delivered a comprehensive presentation on Embassy services, student guidelines, and updates.

Before the pandemic struck China in early 2020, over 23,000 Indian students predominantly studying medicine enrolled in Chinese universities, making them the second-largest cohort of foreign students after those from Pakistan.

Amid the pandemic’s onset, many Indian students returned home during lockdowns, facing hurdles in their return due to China’s visa restrictions.

Several alumni, expressing their dismay during media interactions, conveyed their disappointment with China’s handling of the crisis, citing the detrimental impact on their academic pursuits and modest financial means, predominantly stemming from middle-class backgrounds.

The dialogue underscores the profound challenges faced by Indian students and advocates for more empathetic policies from Beijing towards international students amidst crises.

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