Indian Businessman Shines with Special Range Rover

Indian Businessman from Kerala Goes Viral

Indian Businessman: Dileep Heilbronn, an Indian businessman, recently captured social media attention by parking his Kerala-registered Range Rover outside Dubai‘s iconic Burj Khalifa. The event, which Heilbronn shared in a video on his social media accounts, which quickly went viral.

The video, uploaded on April 30, showcases the Range Rover with its distinctive Kerala number plate prominently displayed in front of the Burj Khalifa. The post has garnered around 500K views and numerous likes, with many commenters expressing their amazement and admiration.

Indian Businessman Shines…

Heilbronn captioned the video, A long journey from home, and added, Our old Range Rover from Kerala is visiting us, and we are busy showing her around. He also revealed that he purchased the car in 2011.

Originally from Edappal in Kerala’s Malappuram district, Heilbronn’s journey began with a diploma in civil engineering. He moved to Mumbai in 1990 and, a year later, relocated to Dubai.

Starting as a quantity surveyor for a multinational company, Heilbronn endured a low salary and lived in a company-provided labour camp. After nearly ten years of diligent work, he established his own firm, Heilbronn Contracting, in 2002.

Heilbronn’s story is one of perseverance and success. His viral video not only highlights his personal achievements but also serves as an inspiration, showcasing how far determination and hard work can take you.

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