Hyderabad NRI Found Dead in Bin

NRI from Hyderabad Found Dead

Hyderabad NRI: Hyderabad-based Chaithanya Madhagani’s tragic demise shocked communities in both India and Australia. Her body was discovered in a bin, with her father disclosing to Australian media that her son-in-law admitted to accidentally killing her during a quarrel before fleeing to India with their son.

He later confessed to police, leading them to the body’s location. Four days after this grim discovery, Madhagani’s home in Point Cook, Australia, became the target of heartless thieves.

Hyderabad NRI Found…..

Among the stolen items was a red Mini Cooper, believed to belong to Madhagani. Neighbours expressed shock and dismay at the lack of morals exhibited by the alleged burglars. CCTV footage captured the break-in, showing two individuals spending an hour inside the home before fleeing with stolen goods.

While the burglary occurred in close proximity to Madhagani’s death and investigation, authorities do not believe the two incidents are connected. Nevertheless, two suspects were arrested, with one facing charges and being remanded in custody.

As investigations into Madhagani’s death continue, authorities maintain secrecy to safeguard the integrity of the case. The community remains deeply affected by the tragedy, with neighbours fondly reminiscing about the family.

A candlelight vigil is planned to honour Madhagani’s memory, offering solace to those grieving her untimely loss.

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