Government Concerned Over Spike in Indian Student Deaths Abroad

Indian Govt. Worried Over Students Safety

Government Concerned: Amidst a spate of violent incidents targeting Indian students in the United States, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the government’s deep concern.

He clarified that while these cases are alarming, they appear unrelated, encompassing murders stemming from personal disputes and accidents.

Government Concerned…

Jaishankar underscored the tragic nature of each incident for the families involved and reiterated the government’s proactive stance.

He highlighted efforts by Indian embassies to engage with students, providing guidance on navigating potentially hazardous areas within foreign cities.

With a significant Indian student population of around 1.2M across various countries, Jaishankar stressed the paramount importance of student welfare.

He reaffirmed Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of Indian citizens abroad, particularly students.

The government’s proactive approach includes leveraging diplomatic channels to address concerns and provide support to affected families.

Jaishankar emphasized the need for continued vigilance and support mechanisms to safeguard the interests of Indian students studying overseas.

In response to questions regarding the recent surge in attacks on Indian students, Jaishankar reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring their safety and welfare.

He emphasized the collaborative efforts between Indian embassies and students to mitigate risks and enhance security measures, reaffirming the government’s unwavering dedication to protecting its citizens abroad.

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