Delhi Visa Scam: Seven Detained for Defrauding Victims

Visa Scam through fake companies: 7 arrested by Delhi Police

In a startling revelation, Delhi Police detained seven individuals on Monday for their alleged involvement in a visa scam that targeted unsuspecting victims by utilizing fictitious Dubai-based businesses. Special CP Ravinder Yadav of the Delhi Police Crime Branch unveiled the details of the elaborate fraud, exposing a web of deceit that spanned multiple states.

Mastermind Emerges from Bihar

At the heart of this operation was Inamul Haq, a resident of Darbhanga, Bihar. According to Special CP Yadav, Haq orchestrated the entire scam, tapping into online resources to gather information about Dubai-based companies. With this information, he and his cohorts set out to swindle individuals seeking visas for Dubai.

Kerala: The Majority of Victims

The nefarious group’s primary targets were individuals from Kerala. These victims were promised a dream of Dubai but were left with nothing but shattered hopes and empty pockets. Each victim was duped into paying a staggering consulting fee of Rs 59,000 to these fictitious companies.

Protector of Emigrants (POE) Alert

The alarm was raised when the disillusioned victims approached the Protector of Emigrants (POE) after realizing they had fallen prey to a well-orchestrated ruse. The POE, responsible for safeguarding the interests of emigrants, promptly alerted the authorities, setting off a chain of events that ultimately led to the gang’s unravelling.

Millions Conned

Delhi Police investigators revealed the extent of the gang’s illegal activities, estimating that they had duped hundreds of people out of crores of rupees. Their victims spanned across Kerala, reflecting the far-reaching consequences of this elaborate con operation.

Fictitious Front Offices in Delhi: The Art of Deception

The Delhi Police exposed the modus operandi of the fraudsters, shedding light on how the suspects established a network of fictitious offices. These deceptive businesses strategically placed front offices in reputable locations, creating an illusion of authenticity. These offices were often staffed by a small group of individuals, further cementing the credibility of the operation in the eyes of their unsuspecting victims.

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