Canadian Visa service withdrawal worries Indian students

Canadian Visa Delays Create Anxiety for Prospective Students

In a surprising turn of events, Canadian visa consular services have withdrawn from three Indian cities, creating significant hurdles for students preparing to enroll in Canadian universities for the winter session starting in January next year.

This abrupt change, coupled with ongoing diplomatic tensions, is causing anxiety among aspiring students. In a press conference on Thursday, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Marc Miller, acknowledged the delays, stating that new applications would be processed more slowly than before.

Canadian Visa Delays Affect Aspiring Students

The withdrawal of Canadian visa and consular services from three cities, namely Bengaluru, Vadodara, and Jalandhar, has left many prospective students in a state of uncertainty. Consultants and agents assisting these students have warned of delays in visa processing due to reduced staff for passport stamping.

The typical 10-day Canadian visa processing time, with consulates and third-party agencies handling passport stamping, is now expected to stretch from 30 to 60 days.

The High Commission in New Delhi will now manage the passport stamping process. Kiruthika A, associate manager at Croyez Immigration in Bengaluru, expressed concerns about the delays, stating that nearly 50–70% of passport stamping, previously handled in respective cities, would now happen in Delhi.

As a result, students gearing up for the winter session are advised to submit their visa applications as soon as possible. Despite the assurances that the success rate for Canadian visa approval for students remains unchanged, the processing time may now take 30 to 45 days, creating anxiety among applicants.

Anxiety Among Aspiring Students

Sunit Kumar, who submitted his application on October 10, is anxiously awaiting his Canadian student visa. He mentioned that the situation is creating panic among students, as faster approvals for some lead to worries among others. WhatsApp groups are buzzing with discussions and constant email checks for confirmation about visa status.

Many Canadian universities require students to be present on the first day of their academic program. However, potential delays in passport stamping are causing some students to contemplate deferring their admission to May or September. Despite assurances, many students remain unconvinced.

Impact on Study Destination Choices

The diplomatic row, although just a month old, is already influencing prospective students’ choices in selecting their study destinations. Consultants and agents are noting a decrease in inquiries related to studying in Canada. Inquiries about Australia and the UK, however, are on the rise. For instance, Australia has extended its post-work visa by one year, providing students with additional opportunities.

Nandini Shah, who had secured admission to Seneca College, Ontario, has dropped her plans to go to Canada due to escalating tensions. She expressed her disappointment, stating, “Embarking on a postgraduate journey to Canada was a dream I had nurtured for years.

It promised a world of opportunities, a world-class education, and the chance to explore a beautiful country. However, life often has its own plans, and my journey was abruptly cancelled.”

The withdrawal of Canadian visa services from multiple Indian cities, combined with diplomatic tensions, has left aspiring students in a state of uncertainty. The impact on their study plans, dreams, and the choices they make for their future is significant. As the situation unfolds, students are navigating a challenging and nerve-wracking period, hoping for a swift resolution to their visa processing woes.

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