Canada’s to Limit Temporary Foreign Workers

Canada Caps on Foreign Workers

Canada’s to Limit: Canada is gearing up to implement measures aimed at curbing the arrival of temporary foreign workers for the first time, according to officials’ announcement on Thursday.

Ottawa’s objective is to trim the proportion of temporary residents to 5% percent of the population within the next three years, down from the current 6.2%, representing approximately 2.5M individuals.

Canada’s to Limit Status

The proposed target will be finalized following consultations with Canada’s provinces, some of which have voiced concerns over substantial migrant inflows amidst housing shortages and heightened demands for services. Restrictions on temporary foreign worker permits are slated to take effect on May 1.

This decision follows a recent declaration imposing a cap on new permits for international students and implementing visa requirements for select Mexican travellers.

Canada has witnessed a notable surge in the number of temporary residents in recent years, spanning from an increase in international students to a rise in foreign workers filling vacancies.

However, Canada’s labour market has become increasingly constrained, with population growth, driven by significant immigration, outpacing job creation. Government data indicates a 3.6% decline in job vacancies to 678.5K in the final quarter of 2023, marking the sixth consecutive quarterly decrease from the peak of 983.6K reached in the second quarter of 2022.

These developments underscore Canada’s efforts to manage immigration flows more effectively, ensuring a balance between economic needs and domestic considerations.

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