Economic Ties : Lagging, despite Canada Being A Popular Destination For Indians

Canada still favourite for Indians despite Economic Ties Issue

Economic Ties : India maintains its position as the primary contributor to Canada’s immigration intake. Last year, over 100k Indians were awarded permanent resident status, constituting over 25% of the total PRs granted.

Additionally, Canada ranked as the second most favoured destination for Indian students. In terms of remittances from overseas, Canada stands among the top 10 source nations.

However, in the realm of trade, Canada’s share in India’s exports hovers around 1%, and it is even lower for imports. This underscores the need for a closer examination of the economic interactions between the two countries, especially as diplomatic relations face challenges.

In 2022, bilateral trade in goods between Canada and India surged to approximately $12 billion Canadian dollars, marking a significant 57% upturn compared to the preceding year, as reported by the Canadian government.

Economic Ties & Energy Commodities

Canada primarily imported items such as fertilizers and energy commodities like coal, coke, and briquettes. In contrast, India’s exports to Canada encompassed consumer goods, clothing, engineering products including automotive parts, aircraft equipment, and electronic items.

Breaking down Canada’s top exports to India in 2022, fossil fuels and related products accounted for nearly 1 billion US dollars, followed by fertilizers valued at nearly 750 million US dollars, and wood pulp and plant fibres amounting to around 380 million USD.

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