Australian Tourism Soars with Indians

Indian Tourists Boom in Australia

Australian Tourism: Australia saw a remarkable 6% year-on-year surge in Indian tourist arrivals in January 2024, with 26K Indians visiting the country, according to Tourism Australia. This growth propelled India to the fifth spot among Australia’s inbound markets, a significant leap from seventh place in 2019.

Nishant Kashikar, Tourism Australia’s Country Manager for India and the Gulf, highlighted the success achieved in January, with Indian arrivals surpassing 2019 figures by 6.07%.

Australian Tourism Updates

The total number of Indian visitors to Australia from February 2023 to January 2024 exceeded 400K, reaching 402K.

This upswing is credited to collaborative efforts between Tourism Australia, airlines, distribution partners, and over 5K Aussie Specialist Agents in India.

Kashikar also attributed the surge to the ease and convenience of electronic visa applications, streamlining the process for Indian travellers.

Additionally, Kashikar noted a shift in Indian travel trends post-pandemic, with a younger demographic showing interest in international travel.

Indians are now more inclined to spend on travel experiences, attending festivals, sporting events, and concerts abroad.

The resurgence of Indian tourism in Australia serves as a testament to the resilience of international travel and underscores the enduring appeal of Australia as a preferred destination for Indian travellers.

This positive trend reflects the gradual recovery of the tourism sector following the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

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