Vishal Garg: Innovating Mortgage Lending and Student Finance

Vishal Garg: The Entrepreneurial Journey Behind

Vishal Garg, an Indian-American entrepreneur, has carved an impressive path in the fintech industry. As the CEO of and co-founder of MyRichUncle, his journey from a young immigrant in New York City to a leading figure in finance and technology is nothing short of inspirational.

Early Life and Education of Vishal Garg

Born in India in 1977 or 1978, Vishal Garg moved to the Queens borough of New York City when he was seven. Growing up in Forest Hills, Garg displayed early signs of entrepreneurial spirit. While attending Stuyvesant High School, an academic magnet school in Manhattan, he resold books, CliffsNotes study guides, and thrift store clothes at a profit.

In 1995, Vishal Garg began studying finance and international business at the Stern School of Business at New York University. To support himself, he worked as a runner and entry clerk for Salomon Brothers and later as a trader for VZB Partners, a hedge fund. Upon graduation, Garg joined Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Department as an analyst, where he honed his skills in finance and business strategy.


In 2000, Vishal Garg co-founded MyRichUncle, an online student loan provider. The company quickly gained traction, employing 300 people and becoming the second-largest private student lender in the United States. MyRichUncle went public on NASDAQ in 2005, and Garg’s achievements earned him recognition in Fast Company’s Fast 50 and Business Week’s Young Entrepreneurs of Tech in 2006.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

After MyRichUncle, Vishal Garg continued his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding EIFC in 2009, a special servicing company. He then led a new asset-backed securities team at Aram Global, an asset recovery firm. In 2013, Garg co-founded Future Finance, a student loan provider in the UK, and in 2014, he co-founded Climb Credit, aimed at US programs with lower costs and higher graduate employment rates.

In 2014, after a frustrating experience trying to obtain a mortgage, Vishal Garg founded This online mortgage broker quickly gained backing from venture capital firms such as Goldman Sachs, Kleiner Perkins, Softbank, Ally Bank, and American Express Ventures.

To establish a solid foundation, Garg acquired Avex Funding of California, providing the necessary licenses and an operating platform to originate mortgages online.’s innovative approach led to over 800% growth in 2020, from $100 million to $800 million in annual revenue. In October 2022, surpassed $100 billion in loans funded, marking a significant milestone as the first fintech company to achieve this feat. By 2021, Better had raised additional capital at a $7.7 billion valuation.

The company’s impact extends beyond mortgages, originating more than $38 billion in insurance and over $3 billion in real estate transactions. has received numerous accolades, including being named Best Online Mortgage Lender by Forbes in 2024 and Best Mortgage Lender for Affordability by the Wall Street Journal in 2023. It also ranked #1 on LinkedIn’s Top Startups List for 2020 and 2021.

Financial Growth and Public Offering

Despite challenges, including a drastic fall in stock price due to rising interest rates, demonstrated resilience. In its 1Q24 earnings release, the company announced a 25% increase in revenue and loan volume compared to the previous quarter. Garg’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in navigating these turbulent times.

Awards and Recognition

Vishal Garg’s contributions to fintech have earned him numerous awards, including Goldman Sachs’ Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs in 2018, HousingWire Rising Stars in 2017, and E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020. These accolades reflect his innovative mindset and commitment to transforming the mortgage industry.

Community Service and Charitable Efforts

Beyond business success, has been active in charitable community service. The Better Home Giveaway program awarded a home to a family facing challenges in purchasing a house but who made a significant impact in their local community. The company also offers HOPE Grants, providing families with cash for down payments and home purchasing costs.

Innovations in Mortgage Lending

In January 2023, at the Inman Connect conference, Garg announced the world’s first One Day Mortgage. This groundbreaking product exemplifies’s commitment to simplifying the mortgage process and making homeownership more accessible.

In February 2023, partnered with Amazon to launch Equity Unlocker, allowing Amazon employees to use company shares as collateral for home purchases without liquidating their stock.

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