US Record-Breaking Visa Issuance for Indians

US Consulate Achieves Milestone for Indian Visa Issuance

US Record-Breaking: In 2023, the United States achieved a record-breaking milestone by processing 1.4M visas for Indians, marking an unprecedented high and reducing visitor visa appointment wait times by a significant 75 percent.

Indians now constitute one-tenth of all global US visa applicants, with demand surging across all visa categories, witnessing a remarkable 60 percent increase compared to the previous year.

US Record-Breaking Visas

Visitor visas notably rebounded, representing the second-highest number of applications in the history of the US Mission, surpassing 700K. The US ramped up staffing in India, resulting in a remarkable reduction of appointment wait times from an average of 1,000 days to just 250 days nationwide, across all visa categories.

The US consular team in India achieved another significant feat by issuing over 140K student visas in 2023, setting a record for the third consecutive year. The emphasis on employment visas remained a priority, with strategic consolidation contributing to the efficient processing of over 380K employment visas for Indians and their families.

In a pioneering move, a pilot program planned for this year will enable eligible H-1B holders to renew their visas in the United States, streamlining the process for this specific group.

The Consulate General Mumbai successfully addressed a backlog of over 31K immigrant visa cases, eliminating delays caused by the pandemic and allowing those with pending immigrant visa petitions to schedule appointments within the standard pre-pandemic timeframe.

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