US Implements Visa Restrictions Over Spyware Misuse

US to Restrict Visa of Persons Misusing Spyware

US Implements: The United States has implemented a new visa restriction policy aimed at individuals allegedly involved in the misuse of commercial spyware. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the policy, granting the State Department authority to impose visa restrictions on those engaged in spyware abuse and those who facilitate or benefit from such activities.

US Implements Visa Updates

This move comes amidst growing concerns over the global misuse of commercial spyware, which is often used to suppress dissent, control information flow, and perpetrate human rights violations. US officials emphasize the threat posed by spyware to privacy, freedom of expression, and peaceful assembly.

The policy forms part of a broader initiative to influence the behaviour of foreign governments and companies involved in malicious digital espionage.

The policy’s reach extends to investors and operators of commercial spyware suspected of misuse. A senior official from the Biden administration revealed that private hacking tools have targeted at least 50 US officials in recent years.

President Biden took action last year by signing an executive order to combat the malicious use of digital spy tools worldwide. This order bars US agencies from collaborating with companies engaged in such activities, thereby curbing their business opportunities.

In March of the prior year, the United States, in conjunction with its allies, advocated for stricter domestic and international regulations to address the proliferation and abuse of commercial spyware.

The new visa restriction policy marks another stride in the ongoing campaign to counter digital espionage and safeguard human rights.

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