US Envoy: India Leads Quad

Indian Leading Quad says US Envoy

US Envoy: At the 17th Jaipur Literature Festival, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti discussed the Quad alliance, positioning India as the primary driver while the US provides corrective guidance.

He stressed India’s pivotal role in shaping the partnership’s direction, metaphorically likening the Quad’s dynamics to sharing a journey, with Japan as the navigator and Australia ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

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Garcetti highlighted the Quad’s potential as a global model due to its robustness and stability, contrasting it favourably with less effective multilateral institutions like the UN. While bilateral engagements remain important, he suggested that direct interactions can become routine over time.

Acknowledging occasional disagreements among Quad members, Garcetti emphasized the alliance’s proactive nature, stating that it’s more than just a forum for discussion.

He encouraged India to assertively define the Quad’s agenda, underscoring the importance of collaborative leadership in addressing global challenges. India’s contribution towards the Quad group is significant and important in making Quad not only another ordinary group.

Overall, Garcetti’s remarks underscored the Quad’s significance in contemporary geopolitics, with India playing a central role in steering the alliance towards shared objectives.

Through effective leadership and cooperation among its members, the Quad stands poised to address key global issues and serve as a model for diplomatic engagement in the 21st century.

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