US Ambassador Reassures Indian Students Safety

US Ambassador Promises Support and Safety for Indian Students

Following the regrettable deaths of Indian students in the United States, US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, provided reassurance regarding the continued commitment of the United States to ensuring the safety of Indian students.

In the wake of five reported deaths this year, including two Indian nationals and three individuals of Indian origin, Ambassador Garcetti expressed condolences for the tragic losses.

US Ambassador Reassures

He conveyed, Our heart always is touched when any tragedy occurs, whether it is a life taken by somebody or any violence – no matter who they are. We are very committed to making sure that Indians know that the United States is a wonderful place to study and to be safe.

Highlighting the substantial presence of Indian students in the US, Ambassador Garcetti underscored the shared responsibility between both nations in addressing such incidents.

He emphasized, We have more Indians studying in the US than any country in the world, stressing the necessity for cooperation between the US and Indian governments to safeguard the well-being of students.

Recognizing the potential for tragedies, Ambassador Garcetti emphasized the collective responsibility of both countries to collaborate and inform the public about preventive measures.

As investigations continue, the Ministry of External Affairs reiterated its dedication to assisting Indian nationals abroad, coordinating with local authorities, and ensuring the welfare of those affected.

The ministry appealed for understanding that each case is distinct, with no evidence suggesting interconnectedness among the tragic events involving Indian students and individuals of Indian origin in the United States.

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