Upcoming Panel Report on NRI Marriages

Report on NRI Marriages Soon

Upcoming Panel: The Law Commission of India is poised to submit a comprehensive report on issues surrounding Non-Resident Indian (NRI) marriages to the government.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had tasked the Commission, led by Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi, to examine challenges in NRI marriages and bolster the legal framework for international public and private laws.

Scheduled for submission next week, the report proposes stringent measures to address critical concerns such as child and wife abandonment, passport impounding, extradition, child custody, and ill-treatment of wives in NRI marriages.

Upcoming Panel Report

The Commission also scrutinized the 2019 bill on NRI marriage registration and the Foreign Marriage Act. The Law Commission, recognizing lacunae in the existing laws, is expected to present recommendations to rectify them.

The report aims to bridge gaps in the system that currently benefit violators of laws governing NRI marriages. MEA has actively collaborated with the Law Commission, sending references to address legal deficiencies.

The Commission’s suggestions include steps to rectify these shortcomings and ensure a more robust legal framework.

In addressing grievances, MEA missions and posts offer counselling, guidance, and information on legal procedures. Walk-in sessions and open house meetings provide platforms for distressed Indians, particularly women, to voice concerns.

A 24×7 helpline and assistance through social media platforms are also available. Financial and legal aid is extended through the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) to distressed NRI women, where applicable.

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