UK Visa Health Surcharge Spikes

UK Visa Fee Increases

UK Visa: The United Kingdom will enforce a significant surge in its immigration health surcharge (IHS), elevating the visa cost from £624 per year to £1,035 annually.

Similarly, for students and applicants under 18, the surcharge will rise from £470 to £776 per year. This mandatory upfront payment is obligatory when applying for entry or residency in the UK.

Initially slated for January 16, 2024, the fee increase’s implementation was delayed to February 6 due to parliamentary setbacks.

UK Visa Updates

Skilled worker and global business mobility visa applications are permitted up to three months in advance of the proposed start date.

In October, the Sunak government also raised visa fees for tourists, students, and foreign workers. Visit visas now incur an additional £15 for stays under six months, totaling £115. Student visas from outside the UK experienced a £127 increase, setting the fee at £490, aligning with in-country student visa applications.

Moreover, in December, the Sunak government announced a 47% increase in the minimum pay for skilled work visas, raising it to £38,700, previously at £18,600. The incremental changes will culminate in the intended £38,700, with a schedule anticipated by spring.

These adjustments underscore the UK government’s efforts to recalibrate visa policies, impacting various categories of visa applicants and reflecting broader immigration and economic strategies.

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