Thailand Unveils Decade-Long Visas to Attract Investors

Thailand to Introduce 10 Year Visa

Thailand Unveils: Thailand is set to implement a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering foreign investment in its industrial eastern region, as announced by a deputy prime minister on Friday.

In a strategic move to attract international investors, the country will introduce a 10-year visa program for individuals investing in specific businesses within the designated industrial zone.

Thailand Unveils Long Visas

Scheduled to commence next year, this visionary visa plan is poised to streamline and expedite the entry process for investors, aligning with the government’s broader agenda of relaxing restrictive measures to encourage economic growth.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the comprehensive visa strategy is part of a concerted effort to create a more investor-friendly environment. By providing a decade-long visa option, Thailand aims to demonstrate its commitment to facilitating and incentivizing foreign direct investment in targeted sectors, particularly those situated in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

The Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), encompassing three provinces situated to the east of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, stands as a focal point in the government’s initiatives to stimulate economic growth and promote investments, with a particular emphasis on high-tech industries.

As the nation moves forward with its progressive policies, the stage is set for a new era of foreign investment and collaborative growth in Thailand’s strategic economic zones.

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