Srikant Datar: Transforming Business Education at Harvard

Srikant Datar: Architect of Transformation in Business Education

In the dynamic realm of business and academia, Srikant Datar emerges not just as a name but as a beacon of inspiration, innovation, and leadership. His transformative journey from the vibrant streets of Mumbai to becoming the Dean of Harvard Business School is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and tireless pursuit of knowledge.

Early Life and Academic Prowess of Srikant Datar

Born and raised in Mumbai, Srikant Datar’s academic brilliance shone early. A graduate with distinction in mathematics and economics from St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai, he marked the beginning of an illustrious academic journey.

His pursuit of excellence continued at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, where he not only earned a gold medal but also held the pivotal role of the General Secretary of the Student’s Council.

Datar’s academic prowess is further underscored by his achievements as a chartered accountant and holder of two master’s degrees and a doctorate from Stanford University. His journey reflects a relentless pursuit of knowledge, blending practical expertise with academic rigor.

A Career Marked by Excellence

Srikant Datar’s professional journey weaves through academia and corporate boardrooms, leaving an indelible mark. Serving as the faculty chair of the Harvard Innovation Labs since 2015, he has steered the course of innovation in one of the world’s most esteemed institutions.

His diverse roles include Senior Associate Dean for University Affairs, demonstrating his commitment to the holistic development of the academic environment.

Srikant Datar’s influence extends beyond Harvard, with board memberships in renowned corporations such as ICF International, Stryker Corporation, and T-Mobile US. His strategic acumen and financial insight have left an enduring impact on companies both in the United States and India.

Research, Publications, and Global Impact

Srikant Datar’s academic contributions are vast and varied. His research spans critical areas such as cost management, governance, innovation, and performance evaluation. The accolades received, including the Bharat Asmita Acharya Shreshtha Award and the Padma Shri, underscore the significance of his contributions.

As a prolific author, Srikant Datar’s publications include the influential “Rethinking the MBA: Business Education at a Crossroads.” This collaborative work was not only recognized as one of the Best Business Books of 2010 but also exemplifies his commitment to reshaping the landscape of business education.

Leadership at Harvard Business School

Assuming the role of the 11th Dean of Harvard Business School on January 1, 2021, Srikant Datar has continued to exemplify visionary leadership.

His tenure has witnessed dynamic responsibilities, from Senior Associate Dean for various facets to faculty chairing the Harvard Innovation Lab. This multifaceted approach reflects Datar’s dedication to nurturing a diverse and inclusive academic community.

A Global Visionary and Mentor

Datar’s international perspective, rooted in his Indian heritage, has been instrumental in shaping global discussions on management education. His engagements span continents, presenting research to audiences worldwide. A warm and thoughtful mentor, he catalyzes constructive change, as recognized by colleagues and institutions alike.

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