Sreenath Sreenivasan: A Digital Pioneer’s Journey in Journalism

Sreenath Sreenivasan: A Digital Maestro Transforming the Landscape of Journalism

In the ever-evolving world of journalism and communications, Sreenath Sreenivasan stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation. Born on October 28, 1970, in Tokyo, Japan, his journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Early Life of Sreenath Sreenivasan: A Global Odyssey

Sreenath Sreenivasan’s early life reads like a captivating novel, marked by diplomatic adventures as his father served the Indian government. From Moscow to Manhattan, Fiji to Delhi, his diverse upbringing laid the foundation for a global perspective.

Kindergarten in Moscow, P.S. 6 in Manhattan, Marist Brothers High School in Fiji, and St. Stephen’s College in Delhi – each chapter contributing to the rich narrative of his life.

Educational Pursuits: Mastering Journalism at Columbia

In 1993, Sreenath Sreenivasan earned a Master of Science degree in journalism from the prestigious Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Little did the world know that this educational milestone was a prelude to his impactful contributions to the realm of media and communication.

Academic Stewardship at Columbia University

Sreenath Sreenivasan’s journey as an academician at Columbia University spanned two impactful decades, from 1993 to 2013. As a professor of professional practice, he shaped minds with courses focusing on new media, web design, and the role of social media in journalism. His leadership roles, including Dean of Students and Chief Digital Officer, showcased his commitment to advancing the field.

Venturing Beyond Academia: Tech Guru and Media Entrepreneur

Beyond the classroom, Sreenath Sreenivasan ventured into the media landscape, becoming WABC-TV’s “Tech Guru” and later WNBC-TV’s technology reporter. His foray into entrepreneurship led to the launch and development of, a hyper-local news startup. Sreenivasan’s multifaceted approach to media showcased his versatility and adaptability.

A Digital Visionary at The Met

In 2013, Sreenath Sreenivasan assumed the role of Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, overseeing a team of 70 employees. His tenure marked a significant chapter as he spearheaded the redesign of the museum’s website and the development of a cutting-edge smartphone app.

Championing Diversity: A Stand Against All-Male Panels

Sreenivasan’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity became evident in 2016 when he took a stand against all-male panels, conferences, and events. This advocacy showcased his leadership not only in the digital sphere but also as a proponent of equality within the industry.

Navigating Challenges: Departure from The Met and City of New York

In 2016, Sreenivasan faced challenges at The Met amidst financial troubles, leading to his departure. However, his resilience and digital expertise did not go unnoticed, and on August 1, 2016, he was named Chief Digital Officer of New York City by Mayor Bill de Blasio. His term ended on May 12, 2017, but his impact on the city’s digital landscape resonated.

Accolades: Recognizing Excellence

Sreenivasan’s contributions have not gone unnoticed, with accolades including being named one of the Most Creative People of the Year by Fast Company and receiving the Columbia University School of Journalism Alumni Award in 2016. These honors reflect his indelible mark on the industry.

Personal Life: A Citizen, A Family Man

In 2013, Sreenivasan embraced a new chapter in his life by becoming a U.S. citizen. His personal life is intertwined with his professional journey, being married to Roopa Unnikrishnan. Together, they form a formidable duo, navigating the intricacies of life with grace and determination.

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