South Korea Rising as Study Abroad Destination

South Korea Universities Popularizing Among Students

South Korea is increasingly becoming a favoured destination in India, not just for its K-pop phenomenon but for its rich cultural appeal extending to food, fashion, and language.

The Oxford English Dictionary’s inclusion of 26 Korean words highlights Korea’s global influence. Recognizing this impact, the Indian government added Korean to school curricula among eight foreign languages in 2020.

South Korea Rising…

This cultural surge has sparked a widespread interest in learning Korean, with enthusiasts integrating Korean words into daily conversations. Beyond K-pop, Indian youth are embracing Korean movies and dramas, fostering a robust fan culture.

Simultaneously, South Korea is emerging as an attractive study abroad option for Indian students.

Despite low enrolment currently due to language barriers and limited awareness, Korean universities are partnering with Indian counterparts to offer scholarships and enhance opportunities for Indian students.

In response, Indian educational institutions are introducing Korean language courses. For instance, Jawaharlal Nehru University launched a Korean training program to cultivate local language instructors.

Additionally, the King Sejong Institute has expanded its online classes across India, witnessing a surge in enrolments over the past five years with around 2.4K students trained.

As interest in Korean culture and language continues to grow in India, facilitated by governmental support and educational initiatives.

South Korea is poised to become a prominent destination not just for entertainment enthusiasts but also for aspiring students seeking international academic experiences.

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