Simran Jeet Singh: A Champion of Equity, Education, and Justice

Simran Jeet Singh: Advocating for Justice and Unity in a Divided World

In a world where division often eclipses unity, Simran Jeet Singh stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and advocacy. Born on July 25, 1984, Singh is an American educator, writer, and activist dedicated to addressing issues of religion and racism.

He serves as the Executive Director for the Aspen Institute’s Religion & Society Program, contributes columns to Religion News Service, and writes for TIME Magazine. His journey from a Sikh boy in San Antonio to a prominent national voice on social justice issues is nothing short of inspirational.

Early Life and Education of Simran Jeet Singh

Simran Jeet Singh’s story begins in San Antonio, Texas, where he was born and raised. He graduated from Trinity University in 2006, demonstrating early on his commitment to education and scholarship.

Singh’s pursuit of knowledge led him to Harvard Divinity School and subsequently to Columbia University, where he earned his PhD in 2016. His academic achievements reflect his dedication to understanding and teaching about religion, identity, and the complexities of racism.

Academic and Professional Milestones

Singh’s academic journey is marked by notable fellowships and accolades. As a Luce/ACLS Fellow for Religion, Journalism, and International Affairs, and a visiting scholar at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media from 2017 to 2019, Singh delved deep into the intersections of faith and media.

In 2018, he was honored with the Peter J. Gomes STB ’68 Memorial Award by the Harvard Divinity School Alumni/Alumnae Council, recognizing his distinguished contributions in line with the mission and values of Harvard Divinity School.

His role as New York University’s Sikh chaplain and his service on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Interfaith Advisory Committee for the State of New York underscore his commitment to interfaith dialogue and community building. Named a faith leader to watch in 2018 by the Center for American Progress, Singh’s influence extends across religious and cultural boundaries.

Champion of Equity and Justice

Simran Jeet Singh’s advocacy work is both profound and far-reaching. He received the Walter Wink Scholar-Activist Award from Auburn Seminary in 2016, an honor given to those who courageously advocate for justice and peace. Singh is a Senior Religion Fellow for the Sikh Coalition and a Truman National Security Fellow, further highlighting his dedication to promoting religious freedom and security.

Singh’s contributions to academia as an assistant professor in the Department of Religion at Trinity University and his involvement with the Religion News Association Board of Directors exhibit his commitment to education and thought leadership.

His recognition as the Dialogue Institute for the Southwest’s 2017 Educator of the Year and the recipient of Columbia University’s Presidential Award for Teaching by a Graduate Student in 2013 are testaments to his impactful teaching and mentorship.

Author and Advocate

Simran Jeet Singh’s written works resonate with audiences of all ages. His debut children’s book, “Fauja Singh Keeps Going,” tells the inspiring true story of Fauja Singh, the oldest person ever to run a marathon. This book, with illustrations by Baljinder Kaur and a foreword by Fauja Singh himself, encourages young readers to embrace perseverance and resilience.

His second book, “The Light We Give: How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life,” published by Penguin Random House in 2022, offers profound insights into Sikh wisdom and its applicability to modern life.

The book received the 2023 Nautilus Book Award and was named one of the best books of 2022 by Publishers Weekly. Simran Jeet Singh’s contribution to the anthology “The Antiracist Kitchen” in 2023 further showcases his ability to weave narratives of culture, food, and resistance.

Promoting Sikh Advocacy

Singh’s efforts to promote Sikhism and its values in contemporary America are noteworthy. In 2014, he spoke at the White House during President Barack Obama’s celebration of Guru Nanak, and in 2015, he addressed the Pentagon on Sikhs’ contributions to American national security.

Simran Jeet Singh’s participation in the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit in 2017 highlights his role in reimagining faith and civic life in the 21st century.

Simran Jeet Singh’s guide for journalists, “Sikhism: A Reporter’s Guide,” is a valuable resource for accurately reporting on the Sikh tradition. His media appearances, including NBC News’ “Life Stories” and ABC News, provide platforms for discussing Sikh life and advocating for broader acceptance and recognition.

Standing Against Intolerance

Simran Jeet Singh’s courage in the face of adversity is evident in his responses to personal attacks and threats. Despite being wrongly targeted by an online platform in 2017, Singh continued to advocate for justice and equality.

His writings for major publications like TIME Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post address critical issues of religious and racial intolerance, civil rights, and media profiling.

In response to Islamophobic executive orders and personal attacks during the 2016 New York City Marathon, Simran Jeet Singh’s unwavering support for marginalized communities and his public stand against discrimination exemplify his dedication to equity and justice.

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