Shanti Narra: An Impactful Leadership as Deputy Director

Shanti Narra: From North Brunswick to Middlesex County Leadership

In the heart of Middlesex County, a beacon of service and dedication shines brightly – Shanti Narra. Born in Hyderabad, India, and now a proud naturalized citizen, her journey embodies the American spirit of commitment and resilience.

Early Years and Education of Shanti Narra

Shanti Narra’s story begins in North Brunswick, New Jersey, where she attended public school and graduated in 1985. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, she delved into International Law, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Legal Aid and Union Advocacy

Her path led her to Georgetown University Law Center, and later, the Legal Aid Society of New York, where she became a senior staff attorney. In the courtroom, she tackled complex criminal cases, showcasing not only legal prowess but a deep commitment to justice. Shanti actively engaged with the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, serving in various Executive Board positions.

Return to Civic Engagement

In 2004, Shanti returned to North Brunswick, rekindling her civic involvement. From the North Brunswick Democratic Social Club to becoming a Democratic Committeewoman, she embraced her role in community building.

Her appointment to the Township Planning Board marked the beginning of her active participation in shaping the North Brunswick Transit Village, an initiative she would later champion during her tenure on the Township Council.

Political Ascent

Shanti’s political journey accelerated in 2009 when she secured a seat on the North Brunswick Town Council, making history as the first South Asian woman in such office in New Jersey. Re-elected in 2012 and 2015, she continued to impact local governance positively. Her role as Parliamentarian of the Middlesex County Democratic Organization showcased her leadership abilities.

A Trailblazer in County Governance

In October 2016, Shanti Narra made history as New Jersey’s first South Asian Freeholder, appointed by the County Committee. Her subsequent election victories in 2017 and 2018 solidified her position, and since June 2021, she has served as the Deputy Director of the County Board of Commissioners.

A Multifaceted Commitment

Shanti Narra’s commitment extends beyond politics. As a board member of Jewish Family Services and the Puerto Rican Action Board, she actively contributes to community welfare. Additionally, her involvement with the North Brunswick Township Community Emergency Response Team and the Boards of NJ Transit exemplifies her dedication to public safety.

Leadership in Public Safety and Health

Appointed as Deputy Director in May 2021, Shanti Narra chairs Middlesex County’s Public Safety and Health Committee. Her initiatives, including the collaboration with the Department of Infrastructure Management for the County CRS program, showcase a proactive approach to community welfare. Notably, her leadership in public health earned praise from the New Jersey Department of Health in 2018.

Building Bridges through Civic Engagement

Shanti Narra is not just a public servant; she is a bridge builder. As a founding member of Inspiring South Asian American Women (ISAAW), she advocates for increased civic engagement. Her diverse involvement reflects a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

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