Shanthi Chandrasekar: Exploring the Unknown Through Art

Shanthi Chandrasekar: Bridging Realms Through Artistry

Shanthi Chandrasekar :- In the heart of the Greater Washington, D.C. area, resides Shanthi Chandrasekar, a multifaceted artist whose roots trace back to Tamil Nadu, India. Her artistic journey unfolds like a tapestry, rich in tradition and innovation, influenced by her training in the age-old art form of Thanjavur painting.

Shanthi Chandrasekar’s Education and Artistic Evolution

Shanthi Chandrasekar’s educational odyssey began at the Women’s Christian College in Chennai, India, where she delved into the realms of Physics. Later, she earned a Master’s in Psychology from Annamalai University, Chidambaram. This unique blend of scientific and psychological knowledge laid the foundation for her distinctive artistic exploration.

As a self-taught artist since childhood, Shanthi Chandrasekar’s creativity knows no bounds. Her passion for understanding diverse visual media has led her to experiment with drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and papermaking. Traditional art forms, such as Kolam drawing and Tanjore-style painting, have also left their indelible mark on her expressive palette.

Artistic Recognition and Awards

Chandrasekar’s artistic prowess has not gone unnoticed. She is a two-time recipient of the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award (2013 and 2016).

The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, MD, has honoured her three times with Individual Artist grants (2009, 2013, and 2016). In 2012, she clinched the gold medal and “the fan favourite” medal at “The DC Art Decathlon,” a testament to her versatility across various artistic mediums.

The Washington Post has eloquently described Chandrasekar’s work, noting its central theme of weaving, which explores a spectrum ranging from parallel universes to technological advancements and the intricacies of the human brain.

The Kolam Project: A Tapestry of Unity

In 2021, Shanthi Chandrasekar spearheaded a nationwide project, the Kolam Project, creating a traditional South Indian kolam to honour Vice President Kamala Harris.

In a collaborative effort, around 2,000 individuals across the United States contributed to this vibrant tapestry. Despite security challenges, the virtual display during the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s welcome event showcased the power of art to unite communities.

Collections, Awards, and Beyond

Chandrasekar’s creations have found a permanent home in the collection of Washington, DC, and the Works on Paper Collection of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Her dynamic artistry extends to the Prayer and Meditation Room at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD. Her illustrated works grace books like “Katha Sagar: Ocean of Stories” and “Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us.”

Bridging Science and Spirituality

In a world where art, science, and spirituality converge, Shanthi Chandrasekar thrives. Her art, deeply rooted in Hinduism, theoretical physics, and familial history, beckons viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate realms.

A review from The Washington Post aptly describes her sculpture “Wormhole” as “the closest thing to a real-world diagram” in a group show at The American Center for Physics.

Artist Statement: Curiosity Unleashed

For Chandrasekar, curiosity is not just a trait; it’s the driving force behind her artistic endeavours. Her journey of constant exploration and experimentation, fueled by scientific and philosophical inquiries, manifests in artworks that challenge the known reality and seek to unravel the mysteries of the unknown.

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