Shaheen Sheik: Dancing to the Beat of Her Own Melody

Shaheen Sheik's Musical Odyssey from Dance to Global Beats

Music has an enchanting power to encapsulate moments, and for Shaheen Sheik, it becomes a vessel to share the secrets of her heart. Born on June 17, 1975, in Cleveland, Ohio, Shaheen is a multifaceted artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her artistic prowess extends across singing, songwriting, producing, dancing, and acting, creating a rich and diverse portfolio that reflects her unique journey.

Early Years of Shaheen Sheik

Shaheen’s roots trace back to Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India, but her childhood unfolded in Cleveland. Her parents, Iqbal Sheik and Sharfudheen Sheik, provided a nurturing environment for her artistic inclinations.

She began her journey as a classical dancer and later embraced vocal, guitar, and sarod studies. After earning her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, she delved into law at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Career Beginnings

In 2000, fueled by a passion for music, Shaheen Sheik embarked on a full-time musical career. Her formative years included a transformative residency at San Francisco’s Lush Lounge, where she honed her skills as a singer and performer.

Relocating to Los Angeles, she immersed herself in the open mic circuit, sharing stages with fellow musicians like Catherine Feeny, Alexi Murdoch, and Joe Purdy.

Her debut album, “Live from Santosha” (2003), captured the essence of her live performances at Los Angeles’ Genghis Cohen. This was swiftly followed by her first studio EP, “In Your Love.” The breakthrough came with “Rock Candy” (2005), featuring the standout single “Wildflower World,” which gained recognition on MTV Desi and was later picked up by Times Music India.

In 2008, Shaheen Sheik showcased her versatility with the release of “Revolution,” a world electronic album deviating from the guitar-driven sound of “Rock Candy.” Her understanding of rhythm and emotion, ingrained through her dance background, took center stage in this transformative album.

Collaborations and Global Recognition

The turning point in Shaheen’s career came with her collaboration with Swedish producer SoulAvenue, initiated on MySpace in 2008.

Their synergy produced remixes like “Wildflower World (Wild Orchid Mix),” featured on “Chillbar: Vol. 1.” Their collaborative track “One By One” found a place in prestigious compilations like Buddha Bar XII, XIII, XIV, and XV, solidifying Shaheen’s global presence in the electronic music scene.

Dance and Artistic Leadership

Shaheen Sheik’s artistic journey extends beyond music into the realm of dance. A classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer under the guidance of Malathi Iyengar, she garnered Lestor Horton Dance Award nominations for her outstanding performances. In 2016, she founded Amala Collectiv, a Bharatanatyam dance school and performing arts collective dedicated to the South Asian Arts diaspora.

Acting and Personal Life

Shaheen Sheik’s artistic expression isn’t confined to music and dance; she graced the silver screen as Anisha Kishore in the film “Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World.” In 2007, she married real estate developer Harpal Sadhal, and their family expanded with the arrival of a daughter in 2010 and a son in 2012.

Invitation into Shaheen’s World

In Shaheen Sheik’s own words, “Music captures the entirety of a moment, presented in the grace of melody and prose.” Her art invites us into a world of collective sharing, where emotions are laid bare, and stories are told through the universal language of music and art. Her gratitude for the audience resonates as she states, “I am grateful you are here, and that we have found each other in music and art.”


  • Live From Santosha (2003)
  • In Your Love (EP) (2003)
  • Rock Candy (2005)
  • Revolution (May 1, 2008)

Compilation Highlights

  • “Wildflower World (Wild Orchid Mix)” – Chillbar Volume 1 (2008)
  • “Here We Go (SoulAvenue Erhu Blues Mix)” – Buddha Bar Volume 12 (2010)
  • “One by One” – Buddha Bar Volume 13 (2011)
  • “Different (SoulAvenue’s Boddhisatva Blues)” – Buddha Bar Volume 14 (2012)
  • “Lullaby for Samiyah” – Buddha Bar Volume 15 (2013)
  • “One by One” – Buddha Bar Greatest Hits (2019)
  • “Refugee” – Buddha Bar Summer of Chill (2020)

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