Seema Mody: The First South Asian Face on CNBC

Seema Mody: A Career Dedicated to Financial Journalism Excellence

Seema Mody is a distinguished reporter and anchor for CNBC, known for her insightful reporting on global markets, foreign policy, and the travel industry. Mody’s journey to becoming a prominent figure in financial journalism is a testament to her dedication, expertise, and unique perspective.

Joining CNBC in July 2011 after her tenure at CNBC-TV18 in Mumbai, India, Mody has become a significant voice in the industry, bridging the gap between complex financial topics and the everyday investor.

Early Life and Education of Seema Mody

Seema Mody’s story begins in Beaverton, Oregon, where she attended Valley Catholic School. Her academic journey led her to the University of Washington, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences.

This strong educational foundation in science has undoubtedly contributed to her analytical approach in journalism, allowing her to dissect and present intricate financial information with clarity and precision.

Breaking Barriers in Journalism

Mody’s career in journalism took off at CNBC-TV18 in Mumbai, where she co-anchored notable programs like “Power Breakfast” and “After the Bell.”

Her role extended beyond anchoring as she co-produced and anchored special features, showcasing her versatility and depth in the field. Her work in Mumbai laid the groundwork for her future success, providing her with a robust understanding of both Indian and global markets.

Rise to Prominence at CNBC

In 2011, Mody made a significant leap to CNBC US, bringing her expertise to a broader audience. As the global markets reporter for CNBC, she focuses on foreign policy and Wall Street, delivering critical insights that help investors navigate the complexities of international finance.

One of her notable contributions is hosting the “European Close,” where she discusses intricate topics across Europe for U.S. investors, making sense of market movements and geopolitical events that impact global investments.

Covering the Travel Industry

In addition to her financial reporting, Seema Mody has carved a niche in covering the travel industry, including hotels, cruises, and online travel operators.

Her in-depth analysis and reporting on this sector provide valuable information to both investors and consumers, highlighting trends, challenges, and opportunities within the industry. Mody’s ability to cover diverse topics with equal proficiency sets her apart as a versatile and knowledgeable journalist.

Achievements and Contributions

Mody’s tenure at CNBC has been marked by several significant achievements. She has regularly reported on high-profile CNBC shows like “Street Signs,” “Closing Bell,” and “The Kudlow Report,” with a particular focus on biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Her expertise in these fields, combined with her background in biological sciences, allows her to provide comprehensive and insightful coverage.

From September 2014 to September 2015, Mody expanded her horizons as an anchor for London-based CNBC Europe, where she co-anchored “Worldwide Exchange.” This role further cemented her reputation as a global journalist, adept at covering international markets and providing critical analysis to a worldwide audience.

A Trailblazer for South Asian Representation

Seema Mody holds the distinction of being CNBC’s first South Asian on-air news personality. Her presence on such a prominent platform represents a significant step towards diversity and inclusion in the media industry.

Mody’s success serves as an inspiration to many aspiring journalists, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, demonstrating that talent and determination can break barriers and lead to remarkable achievements.

Current Role and Future Aspirations

Since rejoining CNBC US in 2015, Seema Mody has continued to serve as the global markets reporter, providing a round-up of the European stock markets’ closure and covering the ever-evolving travel industry. She also presents “Futures Now” for CNBC Digital, further expanding her reach and impact.

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